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Almond Rich Oil 100% Organic
Argan Almond Rich Oil
Cleanser and Toner 2 in 1
Intimate Cleanser
Sensitive Skin Cream.

Ardes Cosmetics is the exclusive Irish distributor of the Italian cosmetic company Ardes.

The cosmetics on offer use the most natural ingredients to come up with the best products that are suited to all skin types. Such natural cosmetics are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Synthetic cosmetics have been known to cause allergic reactions a problem greatly reduced by the use of organic ingredients.

Ardes Cosmetics offers delivery from only €1.99 and free delivery on all orders over €50!!!

The Ardes range is not tested on animals. All ingredients come from organic plants; none are ascertained from animal substances. Nor do any of the products contain parabens, colorants or allergens of any kind.

With a degree in Science, specifically a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science, Cristina has great understanding of the importance of natural and organic ingredients.

“In recent years far more attention has been paid to the ingredients of produce and people are more focused on having a healthier lifestyle. More often people source and favour organic over mass-produced food. We are now making the same choice about cosmetics. We are becoming much more educated on the benefits of natural products that can be much safer, more effective, and much better for your body.”